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Apartments for rent in N01-T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2

Apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2 - The demand for apartments in the inner city is becoming increasingly challenging due to limited supply. An ideal living space in the heart of West Hanoi, strategically located with modern design, ensures satisfaction for the upscale community. To provide the perfect choice for customers, today's article introduces the N01-T1 apartment in the Diplomatic Corps urban area – an ideal residential area for urban residents.

Apartments for rent in N01-T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2

Apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2 in Diplomatic Corps - Prime Location

Apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2 Diplomatic Corps - It is a prime location, located behind the N02-T2 and N01-T3 buildings, facing the central park of the project.

- From the project, customers can easily connect to the West Lake area via Xuan Dinh Street and to the My Dinh area via Pham Van Dong Street, providing convenient access to various locations nationwide. Customers can reach the Kim Ma and Cau Giay areas in just 15 minutes through Vo Chi Cong Street.

- The roads around the project are spacious and well-planned, facilitating easy and time-saving movement.

Location of apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2 in Diplomatic Corps

The N01-T1 building is designed with 27 floors and 03 basement levels. Like other buildings, floors 01 to 03 are used for the lobby, business offices, and services. Floors 24 and above are designated for residential apartments.

The building has 16 apartments per floor, with 08 elevators, 02 cargo elevators, and 01 staircases. The apartments range from 95 to 228 square meters, totaling 368 units. Notably, all apartments in the project are corner units.

- The apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2 are designed with 03 and 04 bedrooms. The entrance hall, living room, and kitchen are connected, while bedrooms and bathrooms are independently divided, providing privacy. Each apartment is designed with windows and a loggia in every bedroom, allowing residents to enjoy a fresh atmosphere.

-The interior of the apartments features cubic shapes, straight lines, and squares, optimizing space usage and facilitating easy arrangement.

- Visit the project to enjoy the fresh air from Hoa Binh Park, the central park, along with hills, walking paths, and outdoor fitness equipment, providing residents additional space for activities, entertainment, and health improvement.

- If residents have shopping or dining needs, the project has a complete range of facilities, including shophouses, shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes, satisfying the daily needs of residents. 

Here are the types of apartments for rent at Lac Hong Lotus 2:

- Studio

- 1-bedroom apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2

- 2-bedroom apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2

- 3-bedroom apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2

Why Choose the apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2

The N01-T1 apartment in Diplomatic Corps possesses outstanding strengths, providing a perfect living space for homeowners. In terms of location, the apartment is part of the Diplomatic Corps urban area, one of the largest and most prestigious projects in the west of the capital. This location is advantageous and convenient for travel to central city areas via Vo Chi Cong Street, Nguyen Van Huyen Kéo Dai Street, Lac Long Quan Street, etc.

Moreover, residents of apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2 benefit from the stable feng shui of the West Lake area, which provides a relaxed and fresh atmosphere and a reasonable population density.

Especially in the future, government agencies and embassies will be constructed and allocated to the West Lake area, contributing to infrastructure and transportation development.

Apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2 - In terms of design, the N01-T1 apartment building is adjacent to the Ciputra urban area, near Hoa Binh Park, contributing to the development and vibrancy of the central area. With an area of 34,590 square meters, the apartment building is planned to have 27 floors, each with approximately 14 apartments ranging from 110m2 to 150m2, ensuring diverse choices for customers.

For amenities, residents in the urban area enjoy high-quality facilities from the West Lake area, with green spaces, cool breezes, nearby schools, hospitals, and various health care services. Moreover, the urban area is designed with a spacious and calm artificial lake, serving as a relaxing spot for residents after tiring working days.

N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2 apartments for rent - Given the scarcity of inner-city land, the demand for housing is increasing daily. Many customers desire to choose an apartment that meets all their needs for work, study, and entertainment. In the current limited supply scenario, owning an apartment inDiplomatic Corps will provide homeowners with a developmental advantage in the future.

To learn more about the apartments for rent in N01 - T1 Lac Hong Lotus 2, please contact us for in-depth consultations: 

Hotline: 0986 720 720

Website: ngoaigiaodoanhanoi.com



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